L’Associazione Culturale “Francesco Della Ratta” organizza un corso gratuito di Inglese per la preparazione ai Model United Nations. Il corso, aperto a tutti gli associati dai 14 ai 18 anni e propedeutico al GeMUN, si terrà presso la sede legale dell’Associazione in piazza G. Amico, 9 CASERTA.

E’ possibile iscriversi entro il 10 Novembre 2018 inviando una e-mail oppure contattando il 3278695752.

As the name indicates, Model United Nations (MUN) is a comprehensive simulation of the United Nations aiming to introduce students to the work of the United Nations, and the roles of its various committees and those of the delegates of various nations in the context of current international issues and events. The project will be strongly supported by the Cultural Association named “ Francesco Della Ratta” of Caserta.   MUN gives the students the opportunity to represent a country in a real UN committee, during which delegates assume a diplomatic role and engage in the simulation of a topic that revolves around current global issues, events that are actually being discussed and settled at the United Nations.   The simulation requires that participants are to employ a variety of communication abilities and political thinking, negotiation tactics, vast general knowledge, and leadership skills in order to generate critical and important analyses and later on viable solutions to the topic being debated.  This activity will allow students to acquire and develop confidence in public speaking, political analysis, as well as skills in the area of research and negotiation techniques, active listening skills, leadership and conflict resolution.  These skills will be permanent resource transferrable into any part of their life.

GeMUN Project, academic and global citizenship ‘s aims:

The Genova MUN project provides an excellent opportunity to learn and practice international relations, politics and economics in a unique interactive manner.  Through a positive school and international learning environment members get the chance to apply their knowledge gained during their studies and put into immediate practice.

The project course consists of 2 main steps:

1st step 30 hour lessons , from November to February. 2 hours per week, with the support and guide of two English teachers.

2nd step A 30 hour stage in Genova in the month of February paid by the students. The students will travel to Genova and will spend 4/5 days there to partecipate to GeMUN 2019.

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